Drop-In Classes


Yoga is a timeless pragmatic science evolved over thousands of years dealing with the physical, moral, mental and spiritual well-being. Yoga improves strength and flexibility, breathing, blood circulation, stress relief, confidence and concentration. Yoga is non-competitive practice focusing on your body & breathing with awareness. You can start practicing yoga at any phase of your life, regardless your age, physical ability and flexibility.

Drop in Class :- 8:30 AM – 10 AM

Evening Class :- 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Our daily yoga practice includes Pranayam, asanas (poses) followed by relaxation. You will experience the emptiness and silent during and after the class. The classes are designed for practitioners of any level (beginner, intermediate & advanced). The teachers adapt to the energy and level of the group and individuals. The most wonderful aspect of this type of class is that you are able to practice in a group but, instead of feeling that you have to keep up with others, you can go at your own pace. You have access to a teacher’s watchful eye and helping hand, but in a less intense atmosphere than one-to-one session.

Hatha Yoga lesson will guide you through awareness in breathing & description of the pose. Being respectful to the body you can start with basic asanas and try more challenging asanas without crossing your body limit. Daily class consists of warm up, asanas, meditation, & relaxation. The structure is harmony and enjoyable. By the end of the practice you will experience positive thinking and well-being.