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Founder & Director Sunshine Yoga School.

From June 2008 to March 2011, he studied at “VEDIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE KANVASHRAM” in Uttarakhand.

At the same time, he studied YOG DARSHAN (YOGA SUTRA OF MAHARSI PATANJALI) with Shri Swami Ananda vesh ji in “VISHWA SHANTI (world peace) MISSION” ashram for 2 years.

He studied Iyangar Yoga at “Yoga Study Center” in Rishikesh from 2009 January to June.

He studied Acupressure at “JEE HELP LINE TRAINING & TREATMENT CENTER” in Rishikesh 2009 February.

He studied Ayurveda at “Vishwanath Ayurveda Research & Development Foundation in Rishikesh 2010 October.

He taught yoga at “High Bank Peasant Cottage” in Rishikesh from June 2009 to April 2011.

Working Experience:-(Osaka, Japan from June 2011 to April 2013) He taught yoga at Spirit Yoga Studio ,Community centre and organized charity events in Japan (Osaka)

2015 open Sunshine Yoga School  in Rishikesh.

His Qualification certificate

  International Yoga & therapist

  Acupressure therapist

  Ayurvedic therapist

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